Internet Speed ​​Test

Internet Speed ​​Test - Are you traveling at the speed of light or are you slowly sputtering along at horse drawn carriage speed? Geek Squad’s broadband speed test allows you to check various aspects of your internet connection from download speed to packet loss. There are two options available for use:

FULL TEST - This will give you the most comprehensive view of your internet network connection.

SPEED TEST - This will allow you to get a brief insight to your internet connection.
This test will only perform checks on your upload and download speeds.

This internet speed test can be used to help you determine the speed of your Internet connection.

Speed test may depend from third-party software such as emule, reget, bittorrent, various ftp clients, Internet radio and television.

To obtain the most accurate results, we recommend that you temporarily disable any programs that may affect the final result. The result may also depend on the time of the test, so we recommend to repeat the test several times.

To test the speed of your cable modem connection, please click the link provided below.
internet speed test

Note that the speed of your computer also plays a role in this test, as well as any other applications running in the background.

Before the test, kindly close all open windows and running applications (especially any file sharing software), and make sure that your computer is not infected with any viruses, trojan horses, worms or spyware.

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