Internet Network Security

Internet Network Security (INS) - The Internet can be a very productive, but also a very dangerous place. Nearly every business of any size uses it, and to disregard it would be disastrous for business. But, to use it means to expose oneself to numerous risks.  INS are necessary for any company, from the one-person home-based operation, to the largest multi-national enterprise.

There are hundreds of different types of Internet security, ranging from simple to complex, and from affordable to budget-breaking expensive. At the most basic, almost all companies use at least a firewall and an anti-virus software package, but this is inadequate by itself. Of course, it goes without saying that good Internet network security must include these elements. But to start with the firewall portion of Internet security , the type of firewall is of utmost importance.

A simple, packet-filtering firewall does not operate at the highest level of the OSI model, and will not be able to recognize application-layer attacks, which are the most prevalent and potentially the most dangerous. Only a proxy-based, application-layer firewall can afford the highest level of protection of all Internet security solutions.

And by the same token, not all anti-virus solutions are equal. Solutions like those from Secure Computing not only include the Sidewinder proxy-based, application-layer firewall, they also include multiple layers of anti-virus technology that incorporate multiple engines for the greatest protection.

Internet Network Security

Zero-day protection is also afforded by the Secure Computing Internet security technology, which is able to prevent virus attacks even when those viruses have not yet been identified and categorized for inclusion in the recognition engine.

Enterprises today, even smaller ones, include remote connectivity, and ILG's Internet security meet the needs of global remote connectivity as well with highly secure SSL-VPN connections that allow for secure communications from anywhere, at any time. A key advantage with ILG's remote connectivity is the ability to check even encrypted traffic for malicious content.

A common way for attackers to circumvent protection is to hide malware in encrypted data, which can then bypass many firewalls. Because Internet Network Security package includes SSL scanning, encrypted content can be decrypted at the gateway for full analysis, and then re-encrypted for passage onto the internal network.