Five Simple Ways To Relieve Cough

Five Simple Ways To Relieve Cough
When winter arrives, the body must be susceptible to coughs because the temperature decreases and immune system. If you are not interested in visiting the doctor or taking antibiotics, there are five simple ways to relieve cough version of the Times of India.

1. Bath with warm water.
Wash using warm water, this can make the body calm and relaxed. You will be free from shortness of breath after doing this activity.

2. Drink lots of warm soup.
There is nothing better than a steaming hot chicken or vegetable soup for your body. During a cold, the body needs it. Hot soup will not only clean the respiratory tract, but also will provide energy for the body.

3. Consumption of honey.
Pure and natural honey is the best way to get rid of a cough. Eat one tablespoon of honey every day.

4. Gargle salt water.
Take one teaspoon of salt and mix with warm water. Use this mixture to rinse at least four times a day. This method is considered effective to cure a sore throat.

5. Use steam.
Steam inhalation is very effective to cure coughs and headaches. The steam will help dilute the mucus that builds up in the chest. So that the flow of blood re-circulated air and smoothly throughout the body.
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