Benefit of Sleeping

Benefit of Sleeping - According to doctors Pratono Muki, Sp.OT, Bone Surgery Specialists of Puri Indah Hospital, causes of low back pain were divided in two: acute and chronic. Acute, usually occur in areas prone lumbar, lower back that is made ​​up of five small bones (vertebrae). The elastic region and support the human body weight and burden that comes from objects that were taken. The amount of load received lumbar cushion depends on the position of standing, sitting, to sleep.

Many are not aware, sitting too long can cause back pain because they think the sitting position can relax the body. Yet when it was bone carry heavier loads than standing. Expenses received by lumbar cushion when someone sits upright is 150 kg, compared with 100 kg load received at the time of standing. "If you work at a computer and has been sitting a long time, sometimes every hour get up and walk around to stretch the muscles and spine to rest," said the doctor Muki.

The most relaxed position for the spine is lying on his back - and prop a pillow under your knees - that just lifting weights as heavy as 25 pounds of pressure. While on the side sleeping position for carrying 75 kg load the spine.

If spinal pain, try to rest by sleeping on their backs. Choose a mattress that is rather harsh. You can also do sports like swimming, yoga and pilates with a concentration in the spinal area, wear a corset properly, or leading a healthy lifestyle. While chronic back pain due to non-lumbar region such as intestinal disorders, kidney, infection, tumor, to lung diseases of the female reproductive organs.

Source: Benefit of Sleeping. Good Housekeeping, November 2011 issue, page