Computer Talk - Lost Conversation

Computer talk is confusing and if you do not know what certain terms are, you can become lost in the conversation easily. Here are several computer network and internet terms that will get you from confused to understanding.

The Microsoft-UCSD network interface could take over many network-related tasks like bit torrent file-sharing, and managing a remote desktop connection and a VOIP account, allowing the connected machine to enter sleep mode without losing its network link.

Computer can talk from the adapter consists of a gumstix module with a 200 MHz XScale processor, 64 MB of RAM, and a 2-GB SD memory card running embedded Linux. When the adapter detects that the connected machine has entered sleep mode, it copies over networking information and carries out simple communications on its behalf.

Computer Talk

The researchers also show that the adapter can perform more complex tasks for its host. For example, they created a modified IM client capable of responding to network messages and waking the host computer talk when a proper message is received. They also developed a compact bit torrent client that continues to download a file while the host is in low-power mode.

It's a smart idea and I wouldn't be surprised to see such features in future desktop and laptop computers, especially as energy use becomes an increasing concern.

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