Cash Money Settlement

Cash Money Settlement
A settlement is a resolution of a dispute between two parties without the need for a legal trial. The two parties may resolve it through a settlement claim or through lawsuit settlement. A settlement claim occurs when a dispute is resolved before a lawsuit is filed and a lawsuit settlement is resolved after a lawsuit is filed and usually before a trial.

A cash advance is a lending tool that allows a person to borrow money against an asset. In terms of the legal field the asset is the future award from a settlement or judgment. A settlement cash advance is simply an advance against a case that has already settled.

There are many good things about receiving structured settlements. You know where your money is and that it is not going anywhere. You know that you are not going to spend it or lose it in some way. However, many times situations arise when one needs more money than their payment allows.

This settlement applies to all residents of British Columbia who have borrowed money as a "payday loan" from a Cash Money location on or before October 31, 2009 and have repaid the loan and the standard Service Cost fee charged by Cash Money. reports that EMI Music released a joint settlement indicating the following:
Cash Money Settlement Records and EMI Music Publishing have amicably settled EMI's recent lawsuit and their financial disputes on various record releases. The companies look forward to working together on future projects."