4shared - Online Storage and File Sharing Sites

4shared is a very basic online file sharing service. This site offers two pricing plans that provide a handful of features to help you upload and send large files anywhere. This file sharing service provides adequate tracking features to help you monitor the activity of your files, along with a few security options. 4shared is not the most advanced or feature-filled online file sharing service, but it still has the capabilities to prove that it is an option worthy of your consideration.

As we mentioned before, 4shared offers two pricing plans. One plan is free, but it lacks many of the tools you will need if you plan to use this file sharing service for business. The premium plan gives you an excellent assortment of tools and features that are ideal for businesses of all sizes, and for home use. With this plan, you receive 100GB of 4shared’s online storage. You can download and send files any number of times and share any type of file, up to 5GB.

There are a few basic personalization options included on 4shared. You can copy, move, delete and rename any files that you store with this service. You can also customize your account background to make it more individualized and enjoyable to use. However, you can’t customize or brand any of the messages you send to individuals. You cannot upload your computer company logo or add specific colors or designs to your messages.

4shared also does not feature an MS Outlook plugin. This plugin would allow you to integrate the service into your Outlook account and use the contacts and other information stored in the system. Their service also lacks custom dropbox capabilities that allows you to add an instant-upload widget to your website. By adding a dropbox, clients, colleagues and other individuals would be able to upload large files directly to your website and avoid the hassle of using email or FTP.

There are several tracking tools available from this online file sharing service. 4shared provides statistics on all of your files. You can access theses statistics, which include file size, type of file, upload date and number of views, from your online account. You can also view specific account details such as the amount of storage space left for your account and when the last download occurred.

Several security features are available with the premium plan from 4shared. This file sharing site offers password protection so that you can protect each file from being accessed by unauthorized users. 4shared also automatically checks each file for virus threats, protecting your files and your computers. There isn’t any isolated file storage available using this file sharing service, which would be a beneficial added layer of security.

4shared.com offers an extensive FAQs section on its website. This section provides answers to questions about a variety of topics ranging from managing files to sharing folders and files. There is also a small tour section on the website to assist you with learning about all of the features and tools available from this file sharing site. If you wish to contact a support representative, telephone or email support is also available.

4shared is an excellent option for all your file sharing needs. You can share all file types with this online service, which provides a variety of tracking tools. There are a few features this application lacks, such as custom dropbox capabilities and an MS Outlook plugin. However, it still provides all the necessary tools to share your files with ease. 4shared is a basic service, but it is still fully capable and is an option worth investigating.

  • 4shared provides protection for your files against possible antivirus threats. It also allows you to send files up to 5GB and has the capability to send file types of all kinds.
  • This online file sharing service offers the bare minimum for personalization features. It also lacks an MS Outlook plugin and custom dropbox capabilities.
  • 4shared offers a handful of features and tools to help you share files to anyone. It provides an adequate number of tracking capabilities and security options. However, it is a very basic service with several areas in which improvements need to be made before it can become a top online file sharing site.