Hairdryer - Hair Dryer

Hairdryer - Nowadays a busy social life is fairly normal. And making the most of your appearance is ever more important. So where would we be without the good old hairdryer? Of course, today’s dryers are full of clever gadgets, speed and heat settings etc. But there’s one part of your hairdryer which, apart from all its other impressive features, keeps it working well, and that’s the motor.

It’s the most vital part of your hairdryer and requires extra care. Lubricating the motor only takes a few minutes and will add years to the life of your hairdryer.

Opening your hairdryer may invalidate your warranty. If these actions are not performed correctly you could damage your device. Don't attempt the following if you have any concerns. Read: Conditioner For Dry Hair
  • Make sure the hairdryer isn’t plugged in
  • Unscrew every screw on the hairdryer’s "shell" and open it. Be careful when doing this - the casing may crack if you’ve missed one
  • Get rid of any dust inside the device using a quick blast from a can of compressed air
  • Carefully take the motor shaft out so you can see the motor
  • Remove the motor, and use something small like a thin straw or a toothpick to put a few drops of lubricating oil onto the bearings
  • Carefully put the hairdryer back together again