Components Of A Server Computer

Components Of A Server Computer are no different from the parts of any desktop or laptop computer. Only, server computer are built from parts that are created to deliver high power performance. They use the best computer processors on the market with high clocking frequencies, special motherboards with extended facilities and high RAM capacity.

Computer server generally have a large storage space on their hard drives. These server computers are generally installed with Unix or Linux kernel based computer operating systems. A server may be more than one computer science connected together for some purpose. The design of a server is minimalistic and they are built with the singular objective of maximizing performance.

Servers need uninterrupted power supply as most of them need to be functional, round the clock. They are usually housed in air conditioned rooms to keep their internal heat levels down. Let us have a look at the types of server computers in the next section.

Servers may be either general purpose type, that are used on small local area networks or home networks or dedicated ones that are used to provide a specific facility. The general purpose type, which are used as overseers in a small computer network control access to the Internet gateway and help share resources like printers on the network.

There are many types of dedicated servers, which include web servers, database servers, DNS (domain name system) servers, online gaming servers, FTP servers, proxy servers, SMTP servers and even email servers. All of them are designed to provide a specific service on the Internet and they run 24 x 7. Every single service on the Internet, which you use, is made possible, because of dedicated servers. Components Of A Server Computer