How to Get a Will

How to Get a Will ? Every body life at world having a purpose. Almost everything offered in this world nowadays is not given for free. This includes services, but it depends if the services that you are looking for may perhaps be provided by a close friend or a relative. But for some, they might just give you a discount. This may also apply in getting your own last will and testament.

A last will or testament is a statement that transfers estate, properties, and wealth of a person or otherwise known as the testator when he dies. Basically, it is a legal act in which a person can be ensured that his belongings are handled by inheritors he trusts the most. Conditions and terms can also be settled by the testator before allowing the inheritor to obtain his wealth. The deceased’s wealth is then inherited mostly by close family members or friends. But in some cases, the testator’s properties or businesses may be separately given to people who’re capable of managing it.

There are some factors that must be considered before getting your own will. Here are some requirements that you must comply in order for your will and testament to be legally qualified:

First would be your age. You must be in a legally fixed age before having your own will written. This also depends on the jurisdiction of your state.

You as the testator must clearly indicate your whole name in the last will and testament as its maker. This should also be written on the front page of the document.

You also have to declare once changes or cancellations have occurred on your previous last will and testament or also known as the codicil. Codicil is the statement that contains altered contents from the previous copy of your get a will.

You must also indicate in your last will and testament that you are willing to give stated properties to your chosen inheritors.

Your signature must be included on the document with the date that it was signed. The signature is usually placed on the last part of the document. Your signature in the will is very vital, since this validates the authentication of the document. Upon signing your will and testament, there should be at least 2 witnesses who are not one of your chosen inheritors. This is needed to verify the document’s validity.

Now that you know the qualifications you need in having a last will and testament, here are some ways on how you can have your will written for free:

How to Get a Will? It is easy to have your own last will and testament written for free if you have a family member or a close friend who is an attorney. They may offer you a free service, since you’re old and they might think that you will include them as your inheritors.

You can also inquire in the Elder Law Committee. It is a project of the Houston Bar Association where in they sponsor an event for elders who want to have their get a will written for free. This free program is called the Will-A-Thon. Here are the requirements on how to qualify:

The age requirement for you to qualify is 60 or above.

Your yearly income must not be higher than $21,600. For married senior citizens, the income limit should not be higher than $29,140. They might also consider deducting your yearly medical expenses with your total yearly income if you’re income is over the limit.

Once you are qualified, the committee will provide you a volunteer attorney. You will also be given a chance to look at your will and testament if the document is written according to your instructions once finished. How to Get a Will and Get All!