Your Computer is Infected Virus

Your Computer is Infected Virus - Your security software will be able to protect you most of the time but if you find that something has slipped through the net and infected your computer, you can use anti-virus software to remove it or alternatively you can deal with it using Safe Mode.
  • First, scan the computer with an up-to-date security package such as Norton 360, Kaspersky, McAfee or Microsoft Security Essentials. Note: Disconnect from the internet before you start the scan. Also, try to run software that is more specific, for example, Malwarebytes or McAfee Stinger.
  • If you still have problems, you might want to use System Restore to go back in time to when your computer was working properly
  • If a program or message is preventing you from accessing your computer, you'll need to start it up in Safe Mode with networking
Anti-virus and firewall software can protect your computer from online threats. Occasionally a threat can sneak through the defences but the good news is that most threats can be easily eliminated once spotted. Here is a guide to the types of infection it's worth immunising against.