Jellyfish Fish Attack CWP

Jellyfish Fish Attack CWP - Jelly Fish attack to intake of Circulating Water Pump (CWP) is happening every the rain season in Indonesia. The Screens of CWP can’t handle to this attack, so we need local sailors to help us by install the nets to trap the jelly fish before entry the intake, and they will monitor the nets, repair if it broken for two months. All is Rp 100.000.000,- ($1,000)

Jelly Fish Attack can make Power Station trip as describes below:

1. CWP trip due to real differential level high on travelling screen after full of jelly fish trapped on it. CWP discharge valve was slowly closing, with result some of sea water from CWP to condenser and closed cooling water.
2. Closed cooling water (CCW) temperature rise from 30C to 45C due to not enough cooling from cooling water system since partially circulation water flowing.
3. Steam turbine trip due to condenser vacuum protection trip after loss 2 vacuum pump and less cooling system of condenser.
4. Boiler trip (MFT) due to loss of reheat protection after differential fuel minus steam flow ratio more than 13% (over firing).