What Is PDA - Personal Digital Assistance

What Is PDA
The abbreviation goes for the name as Personal Digital Assistance. And as the name itself the PDA provides the assistance to many of its wide range of users. In appearance it is a small sized device that is enabled with a touch screen display.

The keyboard, head sets, battery charger are also available as accessories. The features include many personal organizer, outlook – email client, mp3, media players, telephone book, address book etc.

Considering the technical features of the device it includes the Operating system, Processors, Memory, Expansion slots, Displays, Keyboard, Wireless networking, voice and the internet, GPS – Global Positioning System, audio and video recorders, digital cameras, remote control.

There will also be an option for installing the desired software in it. The software may be like games and all other stuff that can be installed on a computer graphics. But obviously the features can’t be matched with that of a high end personal computer.

But in short it can be considered as a hand held personal computer. The PDA device is handy and mobile. The features of a mobile device are also available in it. The device apart from a communication hub can be treated as the organizer, scheduler, and the entertainer.

The GPS can be used as an assistant at time of traveling. The device can even show the road maps. This is possible due to the GPS receivers that can be added to the PDA’s expansion slots. The device also has the best screen display that can have the feature of touch screen.

The most important technical aspect of this device is the processor that is small but presently available in the capability of about 16 Mega Hertz to 400 Mega hertz. Even faster processors are found in the palm tops, and hand held computers.

The memory in the PDA can range from 2 MB to 2 GB. This memory can be used for storing all the information in the address book, and the clips and files. The data storage capability is also used. The networking and wireless connectivity over the internet is enabled by Wi-Fi networks or the Bluetooth technology.

Daily Use of PDA
PDA is a hand held device that is used to manage the daily chores of the user.

In short this is the device that is used by people in almost any category whether that of a professional, a student, lawyer, doctor and even house wives. The applications are just wide enough to be explained. The PDA in other words is a small but a powerful master organizer. The PDA that have high end functions are also available but the cost is slightly more than the normal ones; the higher functionality in the sense of wireless connectivity and mobility etc. The PDA is a device that has recently gained popularity.

The PDA’s can also carry the feature that could be used as a mobile phone. This feature is quite important as the situation demands right now. The PDA is also one of the most sought after device for the younger generations. The PDA is a sophisticated device.

The business personalities those who have higher appointments and all can make efficient usage of this device. This device can be used as the organizer and an appointment calendar also.

The feature of Bluetooth is also enabled in some devices. This is an important property of an electronic device that can be used to connect to the other devices in the vicinity of that area. The PDA can also be called as the synchronization tool. The synchronization is achieved by the way of a software program that helps in maintaining a duplicate scheduling program. And hence due to this feature no appointments need to be missed.

The enhancements may also include the software that is developed for the purpose of positioning. In other words most popularly referred to as the Global Positioning System. The PDA has its own memory that can store a lot of Documents. Also the features of Ms Office are available in it. For example the Power point presentations, the spreadsheets and the documentation tools.

There is power charger available in it. The keyboard is in-built. The head phones are also included. Apart from that the other software like games can also be run on it.