DVI - Digital Video Interface

Digital Video Interface - The DVI stands for the name Digital Video Interface. DVI is actually a type of video connector. This is one of the many types of connectors available. This is used for the digital LCD Monitors.

The DVI is especially effective in the appearing for the elimination of the noise or the disturbance that is caused during the conversion of digital to analog conversion. It is also effective to eliminate the noise or the disturbance during the analog to digital conversion that takes place in the signal processing issues.

DVI can support the bandwidth signal of about the cover of 160Hz. This specifies that it can be used for the purpose of high resolution televisions. They are usually found on the high end television and the video cards that are used for the computers for the above said reason.

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When we talk about the DVI then here also there are parts or in other words there are different types of DVI like those that are listed below. They are DVI-I where I stands for the interface. It is used for the support of both the digital and analog signals. The other type in this is the connector for example like DVI-A which is specifically used for analog signals.

And one more type of DVI connector that is used for only specifically digital signals is DVI-D where D stands for Digital. But these types are not compatible with the internet hardware.