What is CAD - Computer Aided Design

What is CAD - Computer Aided Design
Computer Aided Design (CAD) and computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) system is another name for the application of computers in the field of engineering design and production in industries. By using a CAD system, a civil engineer can draw a plan of a building or house to be constructed.

There are graphic CAD software with which a civil engineer can display the model of a house intended to be built, so that this customer must be satisfied with the architecture planned for that construction. The customer may given the effect in his house although the house is not yet constructed.

Complex engine parts, machine parts can be drafted and designed by a mechanical engineer using a CAD system consisting of a computer autocad software and graphic input device mouse and a color monitor as a output device to visualize the new design.

Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) involve the use of computer. CNC machines, Robots in production plants for mass production at short intervals of time. Precision oriented tools manufacturing make use of computer for controlling quality supervising and precision cutting operations.

What is CAD, the generaly CAD is abbreviation from Computer Aided Design.