Web Hosting Dedicated Server

Web Hosting Dedicated Server
A connection of number of computers is known as Computer Network. In this case it would be necessary to use communication media maintained by post and telegraph or telephone companies. Such a communication networks are known as public network or common carrier networks. These networks usually have land telephone lines, underground coaxial cables, microwave communication and satellite communication. These networks are normally designed for human telephone conversation or low speed telegraph transmission and need to be adapted for computer to computer communication.

Another type of communication which is becoming very popular is transmission of data between computer within a country can be interconnected. Country networks can in turn be connected to networks in other countries. It should be possible for users to use the network without knowing the details of the hardware, communication method etc. Such world wide network is now available and is known as the internet. Internet is now widely used all over the world including India. The Internet covers the globe and includes large, international and national networks as well as many, other smaller networks such MAN’s and LAN’s. With this kind of internet working, machines on one network can communicate with machines on other networks and send data, files, sound, image, graphics and other useful information back and forth.

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Web Hosting Dedicated Server