Mediafire - Upload File and Share

Mediafire is one of the server amoung the other big file upload servers like megaupload and fileserve. But most loved of them all will be mediafire. Apart from mediafire you can read another file sharing such us 4shared.

There are many reasons to why mediafire is the best upload server among the others.It provides free upload server. It has almost zero waiting time for download link to appear. You can download as many files from mediafire as you want and still there is no limit in the mediafire. If you want to distribute some file on internet it is best to do with mediafire, beacuse of its zero waiting time. No one would be irritated by medifire for sure.

I have used other servers, which require me to wait for some time for each download link to appear, and waiting time increases with each download. And there is limit to how many downloads u can make. I am talking about free accounts not premium accounts. In some countries, you cannot download even a single file in a day. With mediafire you can download unlimited number of files without limit.There is no varation in the download speed. It will give you the maximum speed provided by the bandwidith of your internet connection.

The most interesting thing is the resume download after download is broken due to some reason such as modem failure or power failure on your premise. With Static IP, one just has to use resume option on there favorate download manager. But with Dynamic IP, you have to follow a series of actions to resume your download link.Read my article called – Resume mediafire download link on Internet Download Manager
(IDM) for more details.

Mediafire is good for movies. You just have to google – mediafire movies, and there you have handful of sites that provides latest mediafire movies online which are of very small size. Read my article – Why medifire & movies make a cool friendship. Such us Mortal Kombat

Open and Search Mediafile Files On Mac
MediaFire is a file hosting website that allows you to upload files and share them with your friends by sending links. MediaFire is Web-based and requires only a browser and a program capable of viewing the file you want to download. Download a file that you uploaded to MediaFire by logging in to your account, or click a link sent by a friend to download a file she has uploaded.

Opening a File You Have Uploaded
Step 1
Open a Web browser and navigate to Click the "Login" link in the upper-right corner of the page, enter the email address and password associated with your MediaFire account and click the "Login to MediaFire" button.

Step 2
Click the folder on the left side of the page where you have stored the file you want to open.

Step 3
Click the file to open it in a new window or tab.

Opening a File Uploaded by Another User
Step 1
Click the link associated with the MediaFire file you want to open. Each file uploaded to MediaFire has a unique download link. If a user has not provided a link to you, you can search MediaFire on Google using a keyword phrase followed by the operator "" A typical MediaFire link looks like "" followed by an alphanumerical string.

Step 2
Click the green "Download" button near the center of the page. This opens the "Downloads" window and begins downloading the file. Minimize the "Downloads" window and continue browsing if you like; the icon in the Dock will alert you automatically when the download is complete.

Step 3
Double-click the file to open it in the associated viewer when the download is complete.

If you have difficulty opening a file after downloading it from MediaFire, you may not have an appropriate program installed. Search for the three-letter file extension -- such as FLV or AVI -- online to find Mac-compatible software that can open it.