How Edit Pdf

How Edit Pdf - While you can open and read a PDF (Portable Document Format) file in Adobe Reader, you need Adobe Acrobat to edit the actual PDF file. You can add, replace and delete text in your PDF or change its color, style and spacing. You can also re-size objects and move them where you want them to appear on your page. Once you've edited your PDF, simply copy and paste the information into a new or existing Microsoft Word document.

Instructions Edit PDF:
  • Open the PDF document you want to edit in Adobe Acrobat.
  • Select "Tools," "Advanced Editing" and "TouchUp Text Tool" from the toolbar. Then click within the text you want to modify or delete. Type in the new or additional text or press "Delete."
  • Click on the "TouchUp Text Tool" in the toolbar. Then right-click on the text you want to format and select "Properties." The "TouchUp Properties" dialog box will open.
  • Choose the text formatting you wish to apply, such as the font, size, character/word spacing, fill and stroke. Then click on "OK.
  • Click on "Tools," "Advanced Editing" and "TouchUp Object Tool" in the toolbar. Then select a table, chart, image or other object you want to edit. Re-size it by pulling on its corners with your mouse until it's the correct size. To move an object, select it with your mouse, then drag it to its new location.
  • Click on the "Select Tool" in the toolbar. Then select the text you want to copy. To select an entire page, click on "View," "Page Display" and "Single Page" in the toolbar. Then select "Edit" and "Select All."
  • Click on "Edit" and "Copy" in the toolbar. Then minimize Acrobat Reader.
  • Go to Microsoft Word and place the insertion point where you want the text to go.
  • Click on "Edit" and "Paste" in the Word toolbar. The contents you copied in Adobe will be pasted into Word.
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